After trying out Arbab, I wanted to try out more restaurants with Lebanese cuisine. I saw a listing of Alas By The Ghost Chef on Zomato with decent ratings and the menu looked exciting. So I thought of ordering something.

Zaatar Chicken Manakeesh: The manakeesh was flatbread with a crispy crust. On top of it, there were chicken pieces with zaatar spices and cheese. The bread and chicken tasted good with zaatar spices and cheese overall but the bread was chewy. It was so chewy that I could only eat 3/4th of the bread and I had to throw away 1/4th as my jaw was tired of eating. I rarely throw away food as I hate food wastage and this was one of the rare items which I had to. The crust was crispy and was the only good part about the bread. Chicken pieces were also chewy and more like a dry variant of the baked chicken. The overall decent taste was ruined by bad consistency. 3.5/5 on taste. 2/5 overall.

Roz Bukhari: It was a pulav with potatoes and broccoli on top. The flavor was ordinary and any random Indian Pulav tastes better than this. 3/5 on taste.

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