I had seen many outlets of Apsara ice creams and I visited it for the first time just to try out their flavors. It even had Zomato Gold so we got Buy one get one free.

Orange Apricot Ice Cream: It was having a mixed flavor of orange and apricot. The taste was good but not something I would like to have again. 3.5/5 on taste.

Kesar Pista Ice Cream: Now this is something great. Just first bite of the ice cream put a burst of flavors in my mouth. the flavor is excellent and it tastes even better with great consistency of the ice cream. 4.5/5 on taste.

Amazing Appleberry: According to the description it is a combination of orange, apples, and strawberries. The taste was of none and ordinary. 3/5 on taste.

Anjeer ice cream: It had very small particles of anjeer and a lot of seeds. The taste did not have a striking taste of anjeer. They should learn from Gupta ice cream at Mazgaon on how to make anjeer ice cream.

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