I wanted to visit this place since a long time but never got to go there. I just happened to be around it on 31st midnight and New Year 2016. It was surrounded by a lot of people. We ordered few items by looking at the menu.

Green chilly ice cream Bachelorr's
Green chilly ice cream

Green Chilly Ice Cream: I always wanted to try this out and also a friend along had recommended it. It tastes like normal ice cream initially but after it goes down the throat you get the spicy chilly flavor. The spiciness was just enough, not too low or not too high. This is something different and I would recommend everyone to try it out. 4.5/5 on taste and uniqueness.

Blackcurrant ice cream Bachelorr's
Blackcurrant ice cream

Blackcurrant ice cream: I have never been a fan of blackcurrant flavor and found this one good but nothing great. 3/5 on taste.

Bachelorr's mix fruit cream
Bachelorr’s mix fruit cream

Bachelorr’s mix fruit cream: This one I ordered for myself and everyone along with me found it so bad, they did not bother to try it again. It was full of whipped cream which I think was canned one and bottom had mixed fruits. Nothing great in this to recommend it to anyone. Ordinary and do not try. 2.5/5 on taste.

Manchurian Wrapsule: I wish if they would have worked more on the taste than the funky name. The wrap was in roomali roti and big in size. But it was too salty and too spicy. Everyone had to forcibly take extra bites to finish it. Even if I ignore this, the taste was average. Not recommended. 1.5/5 on taste.

In an all, not a very good experience on the 1st visit and I would update the review when I try more things may be next time I visit this place.