This restaurant was on my wishlist since past few years. I had tried to book table out here couple of times but was not successful. On the day I visited, I had called up for a table but I was told that I can walk-in as it was only 2 of us. Interiors of this place are good but nothing great.

Menu is not much extensive and full of names you cannot pronounce. I asked the waiter about his recommendations and he ordered Tea leaf salad and Chilly tangy chickpea tofu for us. Then we ordered Burma Burma Oh No Khow Soey and Choco lava in the end.

Burmese Blossum: Taste was good and something unique.  4/5 on taste.

Tea leaf salad: Content of the salad were nice and crispy and taste was also good. I am not a fan of salads but I liked this one. 4/5 on taste by me, but my friend did not like it at all.

Chilly tangy chickpea tofu: Best thing among the ones we ordered. The waiter recommended this after asking me whether we want spicy food or not, and I said yes. This one was neither spicy nor tangy. But the taste was good. 4/5 on taste.

Burma Burma Oh No Khow Soey: This one was given in main course noodles section of the menu. But the dish came in a bowl. It was a typical Khow Soey which you will like only if you have a palate for coconut flavor. 4/5 on taste.

Choco lava: After overloading of coconut milk and flavors with the noodle cum soup, we did not order dessert of Burmese style but went for International one. Cake was good and flavorful. It is a shame that we went to a burmese restaurant and one of the best thing we liked was an international one. 4/5 on taste.

All these cost us Rs. 1927. They even charged us 7% service charge. Which they should not. So I did not leave a single rupee as tip.

In an all,  a good experience with this restaurant.