I have tried many varieties of coffee out here, most being cold coffees.

Cappucino: Good in taste and quality.

Tropical Iceberg: This one has a flavor of typical coffee. I would prefer this over other varieties anytime.

Vegan Shake: As far as I remember, I have had this in CCD in front of CST station for the 1st time and I loved it. Since then I have had this at this outlet twice and I did not get the similar flavor. 2/5 in taste.

Choco Frappe: Expensive but good. Added ice cream and chocolate syrup enhance the flavors.

Cold Sparkle: Just Crushed ice in the coffee with huge pieces of ice cubes inside.

Vanilla Flavored Cappuccino, Cafe Coffee Day
Vanilla Flavored Cappuccino

Vanilla Flavored Cappuccino: Good added vanilla flavor to the Cappuccino.

Devils Own Cafe Coffee Day
Devils Own

Devil’s Own: Another one of their cold coffee, expensive but tastier than other varieties.

Cold Cocoa Latte, Cafe Coffee Day
Cold Cocoa Latt

Cold Cocoa Latte: Not too much flavor of cocoa but much better than the plain latte. Would any day prefer it over a plain latte.

Cafe Americano Cafe Coffee Day
Cafe Americano

Cafe Americano: A coffee version of black tea. Very very bad. Do not try it at all unless you really like this kind of things.

Dark Passion Sundae Cafe Coffee Day
Dark Passion Sundae

Dark Passion Sundae: It had dark brownie which was heated up and chocolate ice cream. Combined it was giving a decent taste but heated up brownie was giving some weird smell.I did not like this one at all. 2.5/5 on taste.

Spinach & Corn Sandwich, Cafe Coffee Day
Spinach & Corn Sandwich

Spinach & Corn Sandwich: Good in taste with a nice match of spinach, American corn, and cheese. Even the bread was super soft. A bit costly but very good overall.

Garlic Bread: Good in taste with the same soft bread as that of a sandwich.

Big Crunch Chicken Cheese Burger: Surprisingly good burger with good quality of bread, good flavor of cheese and chicken patty inside was nice and soft.

Big Crunch veg Cheese Burger Cafe Coffee Day
Big Crunch veg Cheese Burger

Big Crunch veg Cheese Burger: Good in taste with crispy patty inside. 3.5/5 in taste.

Roasted Chicken Sandwich: It had a chicken patty in between which was similar to the one in their chicken burger. Inside there was cheese as well. The taste was very good, but I would prefer their burger which is tastier, much more filling and value for money according to me. 3.5/5 on taste.

Samosa Cafe Coffee Day

Samosa: I had ordered this only to fulfill minimum amount to apply the coupon. Samosa was ordinary in taste. Taste was worsened by whole coriander seeds inside. 2.5/5 on taste.

I tried Grilled Chicken Kulcha and Multigrain Chicken Wrap as an offer was going on Swiggy.

Grilled Chicken Kulcha: I was like kebab pav you get but a not so tasty version. It has kulcha which was not fresh and same for the chicken patty. Overall the taste was good but nothing great. 3.5/5 on taste.

Multigrain Chicken Wrap: Dry and ordinary. It only had a hard wrap roti and chicken patty inside which was not having a very good flavor. 2.5/5 on taste.

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