I wanted to order some food at my workplace at lunchtime and I came across this restaurant with 4.2 Zomato rating and even Zomato Gold on delivery. So a friend of mine ordered 2 items from here. It took more than 75 mins to get the order delivered.

Pahadi Chicken Roll: It was wrapped in thin roti. Inside there were green colored chicken tikka, onions, and some sauce. The chicken tikka was having strong green food color on it and it was super hard and chewy to eat. The overall taste of the roll was ordinary at best. 2/5 on taste.

Mushroom Spinach Griller: (Melting Cheese with Mushrooms, Spinach sauteed in olive, farm vegetables, and magic masala): It was tasteless. That is all I have to say. 1/5 on taste.

I was surprised to see such pathetic food from a restaurant with a 4.2 Zomato rating. When I had a detailed look at the restaurant page on Zomato, I saw that the location mentioned is just 2 mins from my home and I pass from there twice every day as it is on the ay to my workplace. And not once I saw such a place. While coming home I even went to the building mentioned and there was no such restaurant out there.

I even had a look at the reviews on the restaurant Zomato page. It had multiple 5-star ratings from people who looked like marketing professionals. The photos they had uploaded were stock photos taken by a professional photographer. How come people click such great photos from a restaurant which is delivery only. I even dug into their profiles and noticed that they had given 5-star ratings to all the restaurants they had reviewed. So they were definitely fake reviews given my marketing guys for improving the rating of the restaurant.

I was so much irritated and disappointed in Zomato to allow such fake profiles, reviews, and photos on their website. I complained to them via email and also twitter and they have promised some action.


Packaging: 3/5
Taste: 1/5
Overall: 1/5

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