Farzi cafe is one of the highest rated restaurants in Mumbai. And because of this, I had to try out this restaurant. The location is in Kamala Mills where many other good restaurants are located. This restaurant has very good ambience and moderately loud music. The staff is very friendly and one of the best service I have seen in a restaurant. Now coming to food, we ordered only a few items as It was only 2 of us.

Amuse bouche: This was a complimentary appetiser which they gave us in the start as a shot. It was Bengali dish Misti Doi with rose flavour on the top. It was melt in the mouth and very good.

Farzi OK: Drink we ordered as It had restaurant name and we though It would be their signature one. It had orange juice and something else which I could not differentiate. The taste was ordinary according to me but my friend loved it. 2.5/5 on taste.

Mac N Cheese Pakora Bites: Pakora was filled with mac n cheese which was a bit on the harder side. Taste od only pakora was good but when had with the sauce they give, it tasted great. 4/5 on taste.

Tandoori Margherita Kulcha: This was just like mini pan pizza full of cheese, the only thing different was that it was kulcha instead of pizza bread. The taste was 3.5/5 and nothing unique.

Tempura Fried Prawns: Prawns were very big in size and probably were tiger prawns. It had foam on top, which I don’t know was made of. Taste of prawn was good but nothing great. 3/5 on taste.

Ras Malai Tres Leches: I ordered this based on Zomato recommendations. The taste was great but nothing different from RasMalai from any good sweet shop. 4/5 on taste.

Parle G Cheesecake: Even this I ordered based on Zomato recommendations. It has Cheesecake in between Parle-G biscuit and at the bottom was Malai Rabdi topped with Cadbury Gems. The taste was very good according to me but my friend did not like it. 4/5 on taste. In an all a good experience with this restaurant. 90% of my ratings are based on the taste of the food and value for money. So for taste, I would give this 3.5/5 and for value for money 3/5.

Home Delivery Experience

I saw a listing of Farzi cafe on Swiggy and thought of ordering some food.

Meal Box 1: It came with a generous quantity of Chicken starter which was almost half chicken tandoori, CTM chicken tikka masala, Cornish Cruncher Naan, Onions, and raita. The chicken starter was good in taste but a bit on the drier side. Chicken tikka masala was flavorful, and great in consistency. The chicken pieces in it were well cooked and tender. Naan was good in taste, but chewy. Onions and raita were a nice addition to the meal box. Overall, a good experience with this meal box, which is enough for 2 moderate eaters. 4/5 on taste.

Guntur chicken and egg noodles combo: The egg noodles were having tiny pieces of egg surrounding the noodles. It was one of the blandest noodles I have had. There was no flavor of fried egg which you would expect from egg noodles, expecting flavors from noodles was also a disappointment. When I heard Guntur chicken, I was expecting a typical south Indian dish with spices and good chicken. The dish which was given tasted like a poorly made Chinese gravy with chicken. 2.5/5 on taste.

Dine In

CTM Chicken Tikka Masala with naan: The dish was full of huge sized chicken pieces and nice gravy. It went well with the naan but the naan was having a lot of butter (which made it taste better). 4/5 on taste.

Chili Laccha Paratha: Decent laccha paratha with chilli flavor.

Keema naan: Bite sized naan filled with chicken keema. The taste was good. 4/5 on taste. We also had butter chicken naan on another day and it was good as well.

Sizzler with paneer was good with fries on top. Burned lettuce on the bottom was the best part.

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