I had gone to Bandra with a friend and wanted to visit a restaurant for dinner. I opened up Zomato and saw few places and found Frisbees with a very high rating. So caught a rickshaw and navigated on Google maps. In the lane on which this restaurant is supposed to be there, rickshaw driver told us, he cannot enter as Rickshaws are not allowed. So we had to take a walk to reach here. Locality is a residential place and not too many people, traffic and with the narrow lane. The place is difficult to notice, as it is very small, but the location was exactly as mentioned in Zomato via Google Maps. The place is very small. It had only 3-4 tables.

We saw the menu which had many varieties of burgers. I asked the young manager about the best ones and he recommended Crunchy chicken burger and Jamaican chicken burger to me. I ordered Jamaican one. My friend who prefers to eat vegetarian food wanted to order Ratatouille burger but the manager told her that It won’t have any patty inside, so she ordered Frisbees’ original veg burger.

Jamaican chicken burger: This was a totally different burger than what I have tried any burger place till date. Burger came with fries on the side which were soft. Burger itself was big and had thick stripes of chicken inside. It also had well-cooked mushrooms and few vegetables. It was full of sauces including a green colored one. This made it a very messy burger. The taste was excellent. One of the best burgers I have ever tried. Definitely among top 3, till date. A must try. The cost of Rs. 300 is also not bad. (Taste – 4.5/5)

Frisbees’ original veg burger: I only had a bite of this. Veg patty inside was similar to ones found in burger king. I am not a fan of veg burgers, so will not comment much, but this one was good. The cost of Rs. 190 is also not bad. (Taste – 3/5)

We went there on Wednesday , on which they have 15% discount.

Recommendations for owners: Please give finger bowl at the end of the meal, as your burgers are way to messy and full of sauces. Even after using 5 tissues my hands were sticky.

In an all, a must try burger place according to me. Come out of comfort zone of MacDonald’s and Burger king and go and visit this small place for amazing burgers.