I was planning to visit this place since many years. Finally went there for my birthday treat to a friend of mine.

Ambiance of this place is great. As I went there on monday, the place was almost empty.Cost was Rs. 975 per person for unlimited buffet. Ordering system is buffet for salads and main course, where you could go and take anything you want. For appetizers, we have to go to the counters and give chits of whatever dish we want, which they bring it on table.

Salads had varieties which I had never seen till date. I took one piece each of almost everything. But I did not take raw fish I was sure I cannot eat that. Sushi was something unique. This was the first time I tried it. Only flavor of the sushi was from the filling in the center. Not something which I would like to try often but worth trying.

Appetizers were freshly made and hot. Baked chicken was the worst. It was stinking so bad, I actually wanted to ask them to take it way from the table, as I felt like puking because of it.

I did not try anything from main course as I was full with others.

In an all, there is nothing from this restaurant which I would remember or want to come here and try again, All the dishes were ranging from bad to good, nothing was excellent.

There was no flavor in anything out here which I would remember or for which I would like to come here again.