On my quest to find good restaurants in Mumbai, I had this one on my list as I had seen it with rating of 4.9 on Zomato which is very rare to see. So went there with couple of my friends for lunch. Location is 2 mins from Matunga railway station at the corner on east side. When we entered it was full but a table became empty in 2 mins.

Now coming to actual food part. We ordered following items on basis of our liking, Zomato reviews and urge of trying something new.

Hotel Ramashray - Dahi Vada
Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada: Very soft vada with nice and thick dahi. No spices were added to it but were made available on the table to add on personal taste. 4/5 in taste.

Hotel Ramashray - Kadi Idli
Kadi Idli

Kadi Idli: Kadi reminded me of the kadi which my mom makes. Taste was exactly similar. Idli was very soft and the way Idli should be. 4.5/5 on taste.

Hotel Ramashray - Mysore Masala Dosa
Mysore Masala Dosa

Mysore Masala Dosa: Dosa and the chutney inside was good. Potato bhaji inside was nothing great to write about. 3.5/5 on taste.

Hotel Ramashray - Neer Dosa
Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa: It had strong flavor of ghee with it. It came with sambhar, green chutney, red  chutney (good) and a ground coconut sweet chutney. This all gave it a nice variety and uniqueness. 4/5 on taste.

Hotel Ramashray - Filter Coffee
Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee: Somehow I liked this coffee more than other south Indian restaurants I tried in Matunga. Reason could be its sweetness and less bitterness. 5/5 on taste.


Hotel Ramashray - Bill
Hotel Ramashray Bill

It cost us Rs. 255 for 5 items. Food is reasonably priced and flavorful. But I would not give it rating like 4.9 on Zomato. But still it is a very good restaurant and totally worth trying.

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