The only reason I went to this place is because I went to Matterden CFC for a movie and my friend was hungry and wanted to have pizza.

Tried combo for Rs. 299 having Italian garden pizza, garlic bread, and 500 ml coke.

Juno's Pizza garlic Bread
Garlic Bread

Garlic bread: It was average. Instead, try one by Box8, it is much much better. The cost of Rs. 130 is exorbitant.

Juno's Pizza Italian Garden
Italian Garden Pizza

Italian Garden Pizza: Crush was thin like a papad. Toppings were poorly cut and cooked. Cheese was average. Taste was ordinary at best. Do not try. Cost Rs. 220. Roadside pizza of Rs. 10 are better tasting than this.

In an all, ordinary restaurant with ordinary food. Do not try this unless you are dying of hunger.