Kathi Kabab Roll, Lower Parel

I had bookmarked this place on Zomato since quite a while. Many times I planned to go there but plans never succeeded. In the end, I managed to go here with few friends of mine.

The place is a small and open air with no sitting arrangements. The menu had famous items marked as WOW.

I had seen on Zomato that Chicken with burned garlic mayo roll is recommended, so I ordered one. It was very good in taste and had a roti which was crunchy on the outside but very soft to eat. The chicken was nice and tender. Quantity was enough to fill me up (I usually eat 2 wraps at Faaso’s). Looking at the chicken in a pan, it seems like same chicken is used in all the wraps, instead of different marination which I had expected. But while eating the wrap 2 pieces of small bones of size 1 cm each came in my mouth. This is not expected and they should improve on this matter. It cost me Rs.90 which is totally value for money and worth trying. Not the best one I have had, but still it’s good. On taste 4/5.

Also, I had ordered an Alu Tikki roll for a vegetarian friend of mine. When he got the wrap he asked the cook that whether it is cooked in the same pan as the non-veg rolls? And cook replied, yes. So my friend who is a strict vegetarian returned it. I think they should have separate pans to cook vegetarian wraps.

In an all a good experience and if I compare this outlet with Faasos then I think I would prefer this one as it is much cheaper and has wraps which are equally good in taste. Will definitely try more varieties in the future and update the review.