A few months back many of my friends had been to this place and was recommended by a few of them a good restaurant with great interiors and ambiance. So thought of going here with a friend of mine.

Interiors are dimly lit with candles and dim lights. I had booked the table with Dineout app. When we went there we were offered high chairs and were told that only high chairs can be given. I thought others must be reserved, so I took the high chair table.But even after spending 1.5 hours in there, only a 3-4 tables were taken and others were empty. We could have been given comfortable chairs when they were available. This was poor service according to me.

Another example of pathetic service by them was the bill. We had not even ordered Chicken Tikka Basilico and was added to my bill with the cost of Rs. 395 with taxes including 10% service charge (Rs. 39.5), 6% service tax (Rs. 23.7) and 13.5% VAT (Rs. 53.32). If I count all these, the total extra cost was Rs. 395 + 116.52 = 511.525. Luckily I had clicked the picture of the bill and saw it 15 mins after leaving the restaurant. So I had to go back and show them the bill. I had to wait for 10 more minutes there to get the issue resolved and I was returned Rs. 400. Now how pathetic their manager must be, to not know even basic math that they have charged me extra Rs. 511.25 and they return me Rs. 400 only. This is ridiculous. Pathetic service. I am complaining the same to Dineout.

Now coming to food.

Mahabaleshwar Chilli Poppers: with goat cheese and gruyere mash and lemon balm reduction. This was the best item we had. Chillies were full of cheese and tasted amazing. 4.5/5 on taste. Recommended.

Palak Patta Tacos: with kidney beans, gooseberry relish and Teckcha. This was simply Sev Puri in taste. So Rs. 315 for 4 pieces of sev puri. 3/5 on taste. Waste of money.

Cured salmon and truffled tomatoes: Written on the menu was also creme aigre and choux bagel. Taste of salmon was good. The bagel was like a typical sponge cake in taste. Overall nothing great in this and ordinary. 2.5/5 on taste.

Asparagus and Bok Choy Biryani: This was with black sesame curd. Good in taste but nothing great. Raita was ordinary as well, only it was a good looking one. 3/5 on taste.

Overall, a pathetic experience with this restaurant and would not go here again.