So I was there at lunch on 31st December with some of my friends. I wanted to visit this place for quite a while and this day I finally made a visit.

The interiors are good and typical for such kinds of restaurants. The place is big and the tables are enough to accommodate a lot of people. There were 2 huge projected screens on which cricket matches were going on.

As it was 8 of us on the table we ordered a lot of items together. The service was good but a bit slow, and the restaurant was not even full.

Now coming to the main part, which is food for which we were there.

Spiced Guava: It was a mocktail which did not have a too strong flavor of guava. 3/5 on taste.

Cream guava: Similar to the previous one and inferior to many guava drinks I have had. 3/5 on taste.

Virgin Mojito: Nice flavors of lemon and mint in it. 4/5 on taste.

Fish Tacos: It was like fish covered in thick batter and deep-fried and wrapped in roti. The fish was crispy on the outside and soft inside. 4/5 on taste.

Southall Fish and All: Similar fish to the previous one given with garlic mayo and french fries. The garlic mayo did not add much to the flavor. 4/5 on taste.

Thai Thali: Thai curry was creamy and great in flavors. One of the best flavors of Thai curry I have had. It had chicken in it which was well cooked and tender. The rice was also nicely made. 4.5/5 on taste.

Burmese Khao Suey: I am a fan of Khao suey and this one lived up to my expectations. the noodles were not bland and chicken on top of it made it better. Combined with curry and condiments, it tasted great. 4.5/5 on taste.

Hara Chicken Chilli: It was Andhra style chicken chili but in green chutney. The flavor was good but not great. 4/5 on taste.

Chooza 69: Chicken lollipop in spicy sauce. The taste was very good and similar to Indian tasting chicken lollipop masala. The chicken was well cooked and tender. 4.5/5 on taste.

Paneer Mushroom salt and Pepper: the paneer was not too soft and mushroom was good. The overall taste of the dish was decent. 3.5/5 on taste.

Lemon Chilli Basa: It was having basa fish on top of mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables. It had a lot of garlic but flavors of lemon or chili were difficult to taste. 3.5/5 on taste.

Butter Chicken Biryani: Very well made biryani with a taste similar to ones you get at most restaurants. 4/5 on taste.

Mutton Andhra Biryani: The best of the lot. Mutton was tender and the gravy with rice was tasting excellent. It had a kind of creamy flavor to it which made it amazing. One of the best biryanis I have had till date. 5/5 on taste.

Chocolate Blood Bath: We ordered 2 of these. It was having chocolate cake, brownie, chocolate mousse, chocolate truffle, gooey chocolate fudge, chocolate fudge, white and dark chocolate sauce. It tasted amazing together but the ice-cream quantity was less which made it dry in the end and difficult to eat. Still, the overall taste was very good. 4/5 on taste.

Following was my online order from this place:

Aroraji Punjabi Kadhi: The kadhi was full of whole coriander seeds. So many that each bite had mouthful of seeds in it. It totally ruined the flavors of a decent dish. 2/5 on taste.


Ambiance: 4.5/5
Taste: 4.5/5
Value for Money: 4/5
Overall: 4.5/5

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