Recommended Dishes: Hakka Noodles

hakka-nooddles-pan-of-asia hakka-nooddles-pan-of-asia-1

Ordered Food here via Foodpanda as it was an option to choose from.

Hakka Noodles: Noodles were nice and thin and flavours were subtle, unlike Chinese street food. I like Hakka noodles to be this way only. Quantity was decent. 4/5 on taste. Recommended.

Triple Sichuan Rice and Noodle
Triple Sichuan Rice and Noodle

Triple Sichuan Rice and Noodle: It was full of vegetables and had quite a bit of egg as well as I ordered it as an extra. Flavours were good for rice but noodles were ok. 4/5 on taste.

Asia in Box with Tofu: I ordered this box with burnt garlic fried rice and black bean sauce. It comes along with Korean kimchi salad and dessert of the day. The tofu was soft but different than I have had in other restaurants, I did not like this one much. Rice was good but nothing great. Black bean sauce was good and there were actual black beans in there. Kimchi salad was average. Dessert of the day, I was not able to identify properly but flavour was decent and had a slight aftertaste of coconut. Overall taste 3.5/5.