Crispy Chicken, Makhani Rice Bowl: A decent bowl with fried chicken popcorn on top with gravy and rice on the bottom. The gravy was subtle in flavor and too less for the rice. Overall the taste was decent. The chicken was well cooked but did not lift the dish. 3/5 on taste.

Following was another experience of mine:

I had been seeing the listing of this restaurant for a few months and I always thought of ordering something but stayed away as I preferred KFC over this. But eventually, I ended up trying it out.

Crispy Makhani Chicken Rice Bowl: It was having herbed rice at the bottom, gravy on top of it with fried chicken pieces. The rice was almost flavorless. Gravy was a little tangy and tasted almost like it is going to go stale. It had some minty flavor, unlike anything I have had (not in a good way). The chicken pieces on top were small size fried chicken which were crispy but dry and chewy. Overall a bad dish. 2/5 on taste.

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