As this restaurant had good ratings on Zomato, I thought of ordering something and the combos looked inviting. In the photo of teriyaki chicken, the chicken looks nice with red sauce. So I ordered that one.

Fantastic Teriyaki Combo: The combo came with Chicken teriyaki with udon noodles, California sushi roll (4pcs), sesame spinach salad, and chicken gyoza (2pcs). It also gave soy sauce (in a nice dropper bottle), gari (Japanese pickled ginger), and wasabi. Chicken Yaki Udon noodles were well cooked and good in taste. Veggies still had some crunchiness. California sushi rolls had avocado (sourced from New Zealand as per the description), cucumber, carrot & organic lettuce. It was wrapped in seaweed and rice. Also, there was green caviar which was on top of the sushi. The taste of the sushi was decent. Wasabi (the size of a marble) was super strong and gave an instant punch to the nose when touched to the palate. The sushi tasted good when combined with soy sauce, gari, and wasabi. Chicken gyoza (momos) were well cooked and had a nice flavor of the chicken filling inside. The teriyaki chicken was not similar to that shown in the photo and more on the mild sauce side, but the taste of it was good but unlike any other teriyaki I have had. The spinach salad was just a bite-size. Overall the meal box looked and felt premium with quality ingredients and cooking. 4/5 on taste but 4.5/5 on presentation.

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