I wanted to try out this place since so many years. This one was at a visit to R City Mall, Ghatkopar.
And recently we cancelled our plans to go at Global fusion and instead decided to go to Taco bell.
There were some offers going on Taco + drinks and Drink + Fiesta potato.

So ordered Fiesta potato, Cheesy double-decker taco chicken, chicken nachos, Chicken and veg. 7 layer burritos and drinks.

Fiesta potato was good in flavor with crunchy potatoes. The portion was a bit small though.
The cheesy double-decker taco was good in taste but nothing great. 

Chicken Nachos has nachos with cheese and minced chicken on top. The chicken was hardly seen and was the best part of this dish. I don’t know whether nachos are ideally supposed to be crunchy or not but the ones we got were not. Average dish.

Veg. Burrito was ordinary at best. No special taste and highly not recommended. I did not like it at all.
The chicken 7-layer burrito was good in flavor because of the chicken part. Quantity is big and can fill 1 person easily. 

Chicken chalupa: More like a paratha outside and good filling inside. The taste was very good.

In an all a disappointment. I was expecting something to burst my palate with flavors and was disappointed.

Another visit was to Infinity, Malad.

I ordered a variety of tacos increasing soft taco, a crunchy taco, a double-decker taco, a chalupa, gordita chicken, crispy chicken strips, a naked chicken taco, and a paneer tikka masala burrito.

Out of all the paneer tikka masala burrito was the best. It had good flavors of the sauce and paneer combined with typical burrito elements.

The naked chicken taco was also good with the very nice and crispy chicken outside which was not oily.

All other tacos were more or less similar with hardly any differences between them other than the type and consistency of shells used.

Crispy chicken strips: They were well-cooked chicken and went well with the sauce give but they are nowhere close to the strips of KFC.

My latest trial was a delivery order from Pheonix Market City, Kurla.

I got Chickstar Wrap along with which Veg Taco, and Cinnamon Twists came free as part of the offer.

Chickstar wrap: I was surprised to see so many thin pieces of chicken inside. The wrap was full of chicken and every bite had enough of it. The taste was typical taco-like. 3.5/5 on taste.

Cinnamon Twists: I tasted this for the first time. It was like fryums tossed in slight sugar and with slighter cinnamon. The taste was good. The people who do not like to eat too sweet desserts will like this. 3.5/5 on taste.

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