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Dobaraa, Palladium Mall: Perfectly Named

There are very few memorable restaurants that I want to order from or visit again[...]

Art of Dum: Good Food in Great Packaging

I have been seeing this restaurant on Zomato for a while with very high ratings.[...]

Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra: Experience > Taste

I had Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra on my wish list for many years. Recently[...]

Alas By The Ghost Chef: Lebanese, Greek, & Mediterranean Food

After trying out Arbab, I wanted to try out more restaurants with Lebanese cuisine. I[...]

Lil Gamby Pizza Shop: Good Quality

After seeing good reviews of this restaurant for a while, I thought of ordering something.[...]

Taco Bell: Decent Tacos and Burritos

I wanted to try out this place since so many years. This one was at[...]

Shizusan: Authentic Asian Food

I have been seeing this place for years but never got a chance to visit.[...]

Medha Malvan: Decent Malvani Food

Kombdi Vade Combo is what I ordered on my first try with this restaurant which[...]

Tadka Maar Ke By Colossal Kitchens Review

Out of many restaurants in the Colossal Kitchens, I thought of trying this one out.[...]

Glocal Junction Review

I had seen listings of this restaurant on the food delivery apps, but recently I[...]