I have been seeing a listing of this restaurant for a while. I had first seen it when I was looking for restaurants making laal maas in Mumbai. So, I thought of ordering one.

Lal Maas: I have had laal maas in Handi restaurant in Jaipur in 2019. I count it as the best one I have had. And this one was no way close. The description of the dish on the menu says that their founder Tapan Vaidya thinks it is 2nd best or Niro’s in Jaipur. I say hell no. This had a slightly sour flavor to it as though the dish is going to spoil. The meat was well cooked, but the gravy was an utter disappointment. I threw away a bit. It was in no way spicy. You can compare it to the mildly spicy chicken dish of any ordinary restaurant. 2/5 on taste.

I will update this review as I order more items in the future but for now, it gets 2/5 rating.

Update 1: I ordered Madurai Keema Dosa:

Madurai Keema Dosa: A dosa full of chicken keema. Sambhar and chutneys given were excellent in flavors. There was so much keema that dosa was less. A totally contrasting experience compared to earlier. 5/5 on taste.


Packaging: 4/5
Taste: 2/5
Value for Money: 2/5
Overall: 2/5

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