I have been seeing a listing of this restaurant on Zomato with very good ratings. I thought of ordering something for lunch at my workplace.

The packaging of the food was good and so was the quantity.

Chicken Tings Special Noodles: It was light green in color with a lot of basil. The chicken in the noodles was super tender and well cooked. The taste of the noodles was not very prominent and a bit subtle. It was good but nothing great. 3.5/5 on taste.

Chicken Triple Rice: The rice and gravy were a great combination. The gravy had tender chicken and the taste of the dish was great. It was among the good triple schezwan dishes I have had. 4.5/5 on taste. Because I had Zomato Gold the cost was less but for a cost of Rs. 455 it is expensive.

Mixed Burnt Chilli Garlic Noodle: The noodles were well cooked and full of flavors. It had a lot of chicken, with some eggs and prawns. The overall taste of the noodles was very good. 4.55 on taste.

Chicken Pot Rice: It came with rice and gravy separately for the delivered order. The rice was well cooked and good in taste. The gravy was a typical Chinese gravy with mild flavors that were slightly on the sweetish side. The chicken was tender and there were some mushrooms, french beans and basil in it. Overall the dish was very good in taste. If you like authentic Chinese food than you will love this dish. 4.5/5 on taste. On my 2nd order of this dish, the flavor was not as good. It was 3/5 on taste.

Veg Thai Pot Rice: It was light pink colored rice with a lot of basil and some vegetables. The flavor was very spicy with the heat hitting you like the food is still hot. The taste was similar to any red Thai curry flavor but I would like a much stronger flavor of Thai curry compared to this dish which has a mild flavor. 3.5/5 on taste.

Overall a good experience with this restaurant and I would update this review as I order more items in the future.


Packaging: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Value for money: 3.5/5

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