I was just randomly looking at restaurants on Swiggy to order something for lunch and I came across this restaurant. I looked at the menu and then photos of the dishes on Zomato. I wanted to order a roll but pictures of Biryani were very inviting and I ended up ordering one.

Murgh Tadka Biryani: It came in this huge cardboard box with holder. I was impressed just by looking at the packaging. Opening the box revealed an earthen pot with raita container on top. Top of the pot was sealed with dough to give cook it like dum biryani. Opening the pot showed excellent rice on top and digging inside was the chicken and the gravy. The chicken was typical juicy and tender chicken tikka you get at good restaurants with a smokey flavor. The gravy was excellent in taste and fried onions added to its flavor. This is one of the best chicken biryani I have had in any restaurant and I would put it on par with Kepsa biryani at Persian Darbar. Quantity was too much for me and I wanted to take it home but the pot size discouraged me. Ended up eating all or it which made me completely full. Excellent biryani and highly recommended. 4.5/5 on taste.

Gilafi Murgh Seekh Roll: After trying the excellent biryani, I wanted to try out more items from the menu. So I chose this roll as it was sounding something different. Roll had roti with a layer of fried egg. Inside it had onions, capsicum, tomatoes with chicken seekh and sauce. Flavors of other ingredients and the sauce were so strong that the seekh had no distinct flavor and did not add much to the roll. The overall flavor was good but not among the great ones I have had from other restaurants. Quantity was generous and the roll was so big that I found it difficult to eat. 3.5/5 on taste.

I would definitely order more items in the future and see if it matches the taste and standards of this excellent chicken biryani.

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