I wanted to visit Cream Centre since a friend of mine told me it had the best Nachos he has ever had. Recently I went there with a friend and ordered a couple of items recommended on Zomato. The ambience was nice and staff was friendly but not the best I have seen. We did not order the Nachos as it was only 2 of us and it would have been too much to eat for us.

Americal Corn Cheese Balls: Crispy on the outside and soft inside. There was no good flavour of cheese coming from this and it left me disappointed. 3/5 on taste.

Paneer ka Baap Sizzler: I was too much in quantity and full of big paneer pieces. Green and red flavoured paneer were the best. The yellow one was ordinary. The best part was the rice. One of the best rice I have ever had. Excellently flavorful and amazing to eat. It was superb quality and the gravy added extra flavour to it. Also, there were onions which added the extra good flavour. Along with these, there were potatoes, cauliflower, green peas, carrot, capsicum and tomatoes. A good dish. 4/5 on taste.


Strawberry Iced Tea: Ordinary in taste and nothing great. You can skip it. 3/5 on taste. To summarise it was a good experience with this restaurant, the food was good and would definitely go here again to try out more dishes.

Royal Indian Meal: A decent Indian meal box with pulav, paneer dish, daal, and raita. The pulav was ordinary. Daal and paneer dish were decent and tasted good. 3.5/5 on taste.

Bao & Noodles Meal: A decent flavored bao and noodles. Nothing great but decent flavors. 4/5 on taste.

CC All Time Favorites: A good tasting choley bhatura, nachos (with cheese which was good), pulav, and corn and cheese balls. Pulav was decent but all other items were good. 4/5 on taste.