Only recently I saw the listing of this restaurant on Zomato with a very good rating. The pictures of the food items looked very inviting and the pricing also seemed reasonable.

Lal Murgh Meal: It came in a very nice container which was a bowl. Rice was on the side and gravy on another side. There were few pieces of carrot and cucumber on top. On the first look, only the dish looked excellent. And so was the taste. The gravy was rich in flavors and was spicy. Not as spicy as Rajasthani lal maas which I have had in the past. It was giving a strong flavor of butter/ ghee. The chicken was well cooked and was tender. Rice was good and no distinct added flavors to it. When all had together it was tasting amazing. This is one of the best rice bowls I have had till date. 4.5/5 on taste. Highly recommended.

Desi Chicken Curry Meal: To describe it in short, it had a typical Indian homemade chicken curry flavor. Gravy quantity was less compared to Lal Murgh meal but it had good flavors. The chicken was well cooked but not among the tender ones I have had. 4/5 on taste.

Veg Laptop Lunch: Lunchboxes are not something I prefer to order from any restaurant as they get heavy for me at my office. But I did order this one and I was surprised. It came with dal, rice, Paneer tikka, green beans, and cauliflower sabji, paneer sabji, tandoori roti, salad, and a gulab jamun. Paneer dish was the best of the lot as it was full of flavors, tender paneer, and great gravy. Green beans with cauliflower and carrot sabji were also very good and added a different subtle taste compared to the paneer one. Paneer tikka was the spiciest one I have ever had but I liked it. Paneer was tender and tasty. Rice was plain and tasted good with the thick dal. Tandoori roti was also good but could have been better. Gulab jamun was soft and delicious. So overall this lunch box is great value for money giving great flavors. 4.5/5 on taste. Recommended.

Non-veg laptop lunch: After having a very good experience with veg laptop lunch I thought of giving non-veg one a try. The dish had a big piece of chicken tikka, chicken masala, fish masala, daal, rice, paratha, salad, and a gulab jamun. At first, when I had the fish gravy I was surprised to see the fish in the dish as I did not know if the non-veg laptop lunch also gives fish in the meal. The fish was tender but strongly flavored gravy masked the flavor of the fish and I was not able to make out the type of fish which was used. Chicken dish was well cooked with tender chicken and flavorful gravy. Dal and rice were typical. Overall the dish was very good in taste and worth the money. 4/5 on taste. Recommended.

Firangi Paneer: The bowl has 3 big pieces of paneer and a laccha paratha cut into 4 quarters. The paneer which was tender and soft was like paneer tikka with a spicy taste. The flavor of red chili was prominent and gave almost an undercooked masala taste. There was nothing firangi about the paneer, it was totally Indian flavors. The paratha was made of wheat and giving its flavors. Overall the dish tasted decent and nothing out of the box. I would not recommend anyone to try it out unless you want to eat paneer tikka. Also, lack of any gravy made it dry and difficult to eat. 3.5/5 on taste.

Overall I was so happy with the dish I had I am definitely going to order more items in the future to see if it matches the high standard set in my mind.

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