I saw a listing of Jango’s pizza on UbeeEats with a good rating and thought of ordering something. There were many 7″ pizzas on the menu and I chose Chicken Mexican Ole Pizza as it was looking spicy.

Chicken Mexican Ole Pizza: The pizzas base was soft bread and well cooked. The toppings were of onions, tomatoes, American corn, and jalapeno. There was hardly any sauce on the pizza, so it did not give any flavor to it. Description of the pizzas was such that it has mozzarella cheese but there was no such thing. There was a lot of mayo on the pizza and only a slight amount of actual cheese which was yellowish in color and on the top. even the flavor was ordinary and only of toppings, that too mild. 2/5 on taste.

I hate pizza places that sell cheap pizzas in the name of cheese but gives the customers only pizzas with mayo. I don’t think I would like to order form this place again.


Packaging: 4/5
Taste: 2/5
Value for Money: 3/5
Overall: 2/5

1 thoughts on “Jango’s Pizza: Decent Pizza with Mayo Not Cheese

  1. Tushar Dandekar says:

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