Recently I saw listings of McDonald’s Gourmet burgers and the menu looked different. So, I thought of ordering one.

Classic Arrabbiata Chicken Burger: It was similar in size to Chicken maharaja with thick chicken patty and cheese on top. I was expecting the flavor and sauce to be bland but to my surprise, it was a bit spicy and very good in flavors. The overall taste of the burger was very good. It is one of the best burgers on the McDonald’s menu according to me. 4/5 on taste.

Chunky Chicken Chipotle Burger: It was a big burger with double patties. Full of chicken but the sauces were not much. Overall taste of the burger was good. 3.5/5 on taste.

Piri Piri Chicken Burger: It had a reddish-colored chicken patty with not so spicy flavors as I was expecting. Overall flavors of the burger was good. 3.5/5 on taste.

Cheese Lava Burger: It had a crispy patty which had a thick cheese slice inside. It was a good and tasty burger. 4/5 on taste.

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