Smoke House Deli was on my wishlist for a while. After the lockdown was lifted partially, I saw a listing of this restaurant on Swiggy with a really inviting menu. The meal boxes were especially having good variety.

Greek Salad + Chermoula Chicken + Peri Peri Chicken With Mashed Potato + Grilled Vegetables + Vegan Chocolate Mousse: Greek salad was a typical one with fresh vegetables and a nice taste. Chermoula Chicken was excellent in flavors. The chicken was well cooked and tender. The Chermoula sauce tasted like a differently flavored green chutney. It had a red chutney along which was similar to the tandoori sauce but a bit different flavor. Peri Peri Chicken with Mashed potato was excellent in flavors and consistency. The chicken was well cooked. The peri peri flavor went perfectly with the mashed potatoes. It took me to surprise and I loved it. Grilled vegetables were a nice addition and were good in taste. The brown-colored sauce had a smokey flavor and added a different touch to the meal. The mousse was different than what I have had to date. It was having a slight shape flavor which I was not able to identify. But it was good. Overall an excellent meal box. The price was Rs. 500 and I got it for Rs. 360 after discounts. It was totally worth the money. 5/5 on taste. One negative thing that they did not give cutlery with the meal box. It is not possible to eat such a meal box with hands, especially at the times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Super Bowl Salad + Panko Chicken + Chermoula Grilled Fish with Mashed Potato + Grilled Vegetables + Vegan Chocolate Mousse: Super bowl salad had crispy vegetables with whole olives. The taste of the salad was good. Panko chicken was a fried chicken with the white sauce which was like garlic mayo. The chicken was a bit oily, but the overall taste of the chicken was very good. Chermoula grilled fish with mashed potato was very good in flavors with tender fish. The flavor of the fish was totally masked by the flavor of the sauce but overall, it was great. There was a white sauce given in a small container that had excellent flavor and I loved it. Grilled vegetables had a chermoula like a flavor as well and they were perfectly cooked. The vegan chocolate mousse was having a bit bitter flavor but overall, it was good.

Super Bowl Salad + Sweet Potato & Peanut Cakes + Smoked Chilli Rubbed Cottage Cheese Steak with Ratatouille + Grilled Vegetables + Vegan Chocolate Mousse: Sweet Potato and peanut cakes were unique in taste. They were like sabudana Vada but a bit sweeter and with more potatoes. It was crispy and nice. Cottage cheesesteak was very good in taste with nice flavors of the sauce. 4/5 on taste.

Country Style Fried Chicken Burger + Soy Honey Ketchup: The burger had a nice chicken patty in it. Soy honey ketchup was ordinary and ruined the flavors of the burger. Overall, the burger was decent in flavors but a bit juicier one would have made it even better.

Overall wonderful experience with the order and I would definitely order more items in the future and update this review.


Packaging: 4/5
Taste: 5/5
Value for Money: 4/5
Overall: 5/5

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