I had not really heard of this restaurant before but I came across it on Swiggy. The food menu of this place looks very interesting although the prices were high. I ordered a few items which came in nice box packaging with sambhar, and chutneys in plastic containers.

Chicken Molaga Idli: It was idli cut into pieces and cooked along with chicken pieces. The chicken was well cooked and tender. It had a very good flavor which enhanced the overall flavor of the dish a lot. Overall the taste of the dish was good. 4/5 on taste.

Narukkina Dosa Chicken: The dosa was filled with chicken keema and papad. The chicken was oily and well cooked with a lot of punchy flavors. If you love spicy keema dishes than you will love it. 4/5 on taste.

Ragi Kari Dosa Chicken: It had a ragi uttapam at the base along with chicken cooked along with onions on the top. The flavors were typical south Indian chicken. The taste was very good. 4/5 on taste.

We had made 2 orders on different days. The sambhar was very good in taste on both days with the green and red chutney flavors were different. Both the chutneys tasted ordinary on 1st day but tasted much better on 2nd day. Not among the best chutneys I have had but still they added nice flavors to the dishes.

Takamaka Paniyaram Chicken: It was paniyaram filled with chicken keema. The taste of the paniyaram itself was subtle but the chicken keema inside was giving it a nice flavor. It also came along with a sweetish chutney which was a nice addition to the dish. 4.5/5 on taste.

Chicken Chettinad Urudai: It was balls made of chicken Chettinad filled with cheese and deep-fried. The balls were oily and were having a strong flavor of oil. The chicken filled with cheese was tasting great. Overall the flavor of the dish was very good but the oily taste made it a bit of a disappointment. 4/5 on taste.

Chicken Thali: I came in 3 boxes one with plain rice, 2nd with chicken in red thin gravy and 3rd with chicken in thick masala. Also, there was appam in the 3rd box. The chicken was well cooked and tender in both the dishes. The thick masala with the chicken was spicy and great in flavors. It tasted great with the appam. Chicken in gravy was also good in flavors and went well with the rice. Overall a great flavorful non-veg thali. 4.5/5 on taste.

Chicken Chettinad Poriyal & Parotta: The chicken in the dish was well cooked and tender. The masala was full of flavors and spicy. This was one of the best Chicken Chettinad I have had. The dish came with 2 parotta which were thin, decent in size but not enough for the Chicken Chettinad. This chicken Chettinad was much better than the one you get at Hotel Deluxe at Fort. Overall a nice flavorful dish. The cost is almost Rs. 500 which is expensive but if you are willing to pay a high amount for quality food than you will enjoy it. 5/5 on taste.

Overall a good experience with this place and I will update this review as I order more items in the future.


Packaging: 4.5/5
Taste: 4.5/5
Value for Money: 3.5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

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