I had bookmarked this restaurant for many months but I had not got a chance to visit it. When I saw this restaurant listing on Zomato Delivery I thought of ordering something. The menu has many items but I ended up choosing Murg Lahori Dum Biryani. Delivery took quite a while as the order was being prepared.

Murg Lahori Dum Biryani: Packaging of this item was very good for biryani, raita and the onions with lemons. Opening the package did not give this biryani an inviting look. Digging inside there were many big pieces of chicken which were boneless. Rice was well cooked and of good quality. Taste of the biryani was very good but nothing unique as the Lahori name would expect you to. The taste was very typical of a dum biryani but it was far from the best I have had. Chicken pieces were tender but a big piece of chicken was very chewy probably because of undercooking. 4/5 on taste.

Good experience with this highly rated restaurant. I would definitely order more items in the future to see if it matches the high rating.

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