I wanted to try Smokin Joe’s since such a long time. This one day I wanted to eat pizza and I thought of giving this one a try. So ordered 2 pizzas.

Regular Spicy Veg Pizza: Yes it was spicy. And that is the only good thing about this pizza. It was almost without any good flavors, bread was ordinary and so were the toppings and sauce. 2/5 on taste. I am not giving this a 1-star rating as it was edible.

Regular Mixed Veg Pizza: It had mushrooms, capsicum, and onions. The taste was average at best and the base was ordinary. 2/5 on taste.

Congratulations to this chain of pizza restaurant who managed to make the worst pizza I have had. Very bad pizzas and I don’t think there should be any reason for anyone to order any pizza from this place.

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