I had a Runnr app coupon and wanted to order food. So found this one which I cross-checked on Zomato and it had a good rating. So ordered few items which I thought would be good.

Cheese Garlic Bread: Taste was good but garlic or cheese flavours were not standing out. 3/5 on taste.

Pasta & Pasta In White Brown Gravy: This one had pasta with brown gravy on top and white gravy on the bottom. The brown one was decent but white one was good. Probably it was Pasta Alfredo. Taste of Brown one was 3/5 and white one was 4/5.

French Fries With Cheese Sauce: They gave fries in a separate bag and liquid cheese (which I thought was Indian curry on the first site) in a plastic container, which is great as by the time order would have reached us, it would have got ruined. The cheese was almost bland and I could not taste any cheese in there. Fries were a bit on the saltier side. 2.5/5 on taste.

Later I noticed that their French Fries with Cheese Sauce has fries which were not made of potato but were made of bread. You can see it in the picture attached. That is so much of fooling of the customer. I was highly disappointed and angry at this thing.

Overall a decent experience with this restaurant.